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at all-day primary schools

The introduction of all-day schools transformed schools into an exceptional environment for children to learn and develop. Children spend more time at school, during which they don’t just learn and progress during lessons, but also develop and strengthen their particular individual talents, interests and competencies.

On behalf of the City of Heidelberg, päd-aktiv has been responsible for offering a wide range of leisure and academic programmes at Emmertsgrund all-day state primary school (since 2005/06), IGH primary level (since 2008/09) and at Bahnstadt inclusive primary school, which was newly opened in September 2014, such as: breakfast club, energy break time supervision, dispute settlement, lunch break organisation, as well as practice, academic and leisure activities. These services vary depending on the location and focus of the school.

Our work lays great importance on the formation of a close working relationship with school management, teaching staff and other parties involved in the life of a school. This means that the various programmes and the way they are integrated into the overall concept of the all-day school are constantly being coordinated and developed.