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Childcare payments

The childcare payments cover the 10 month period from October to July. The means-tested grading system for childcare payments is determined by Heidelberg municipal council. Families who are not residents in Heidelberg are always classed in payment grade 5.

The current childcare payment grades are depicted in the following tables. These rates are subject to change by Heidelberg municipal council.

Family Income Assessment

This includes: the taxable annual income (including holiday pay and Christmas bonus) of the household where the child lives; income from rentals and leases, interest and other capital gains, sickness benefit, unemployment benefit I or II, maintenance/advance on maintenance payment, education grants, pensions (excluding basic pension for war veterans), housing benefit, childcare benefit, childcare allowance or parental leave benefit, regular third party contributions (e.g. maintenance, support payments by parents), other forms of income, minus tax-free allowances.

A €4,000 exemption is deducted annually for the second child and each child thereafter who share a household.

The payment grading system

The childcare payments are means-tested according to income brackets. The primary carer performs a self-assessment to determine which payment grade applies to them. Advice for calculating the payment gradings are available on the päd-aktiv e.V. website. The City of Heidelberg is entitled to review the self-assessment and, if required, may request the primary carer to submit documents. If the review reveals that from a certain point in time, a higher fee should have been paid, then the unpaid amount will be payable in arrears. If it is determined that from a certain point in time a lower charge should have been paid, then the overpaid amount will be refunded. If you do not supply the documents at the request of the City of Heidelberg, or supply insufficient documents such that a review of the self-assessment is not possible, you will be retroactively charged with the fees for the highest payment grade.

Please communicate any changes in your family income and/or in your personal situation without delay. Changes cannot be made retroactively, but will be implemented from the month of submission.


No childcare payment is necessary for the 5th or 6th period if a child is required to attend lessons at this time every day. This concession is granted on the basis of you child’s timetable.

Sibling discounts are available where a sibling also attends one of our programmes, or a recognised public/private nursery school; please indicate your application for a sibling discount on the enrolment form.

Low income families can apply for a reduction in the childcare payments at the Amt für Schule und Bildung in Heidelberg.

Recipients of SGB II (ALG II, social benefit), SGB XII (social welfare allowance), AsylbLG (allowance under the Asylum-Seekers’ Benefits Act) and for the education and participation packet (Bildung und Teilhabe, BuT) are exempt from childcare payments. However, the cost of lunch is not included in this concession.

Lunch is available for €1.00 per day to all children in our childcare programmes who hold a Heidelberg-Pass+ or receive benefits under the education and participation packet (BuT) or the AsylbLG.

Current certificates or notices of payment are required to authorise any concessions. The concession period is determined by the approval period of the relevant certificates or notices of payment. päd-aktiv will apply any concessions from the month in which the necessary documents have been submitted. Please remember to resubmit new documents and notices of payment to päd-aktiv e.V. at the end of your concession period.

Lunch Refunds

The lunch subscription can only be refunded if a child is ill for over a week and is unsubscribed from the lunchtime meals.

Cancellation Period and Changes

The place in a childcare programme can be cancelled by a child's primary carer at the end of each month. päd-aktiv must receive the written cancellation at least two weeks before the end of the month. Changes to the times of childcare may be made subject to availability.

päd-aktiv may cancel a place if payments are several months in arrears, if the child has been absent without explanation for several weeks, or in the case of excessive hindrance to the care offered by päd-aktiv e.V. and/or to other children receiving care.