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for primary school children


päd-aktiv has been organising childcare across all Heidelberg primary schools since 1991 on behalf of the City of Heidelberg.  In addition to our term-time childcare services, we offer holiday clubs for all children at state primary schools and all-day primary schools. We also have many years of experience in organising holiday clubs. Our holiday clubs offer the same reliable childcare and high-quality education as our term-time services.

Holiday clubs are available during ca. 9 holiday weeks and can be booked by the week. Times are from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm or from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, depending on your individual needs. Fees are arranged in a socially responsible grading system according to parents’ income. Our excellent holiday clubs are managed by the same qualified playworkers who provide term-time childcare in Heidelberg primary schools.

In the academic year 2015/16, we are offering holiday clubs at the following schools:

  • Friedrich-Ebert-Schule, Altstadt
  • Fröbelschule, Wieblingen
  • Heiligenbergschule, Handschuhsheim
  • IGH primary level, Rohrbach-Hasenleiser
  • Landhausschule, Weststadt
  • Mönchhofschule, Neuenheim
  • Pestalozzischule, Südstadt-Weststadt
  • Schlierbach Grundschule, Schlierbach
  • Tiefburgschule, Handschuhsheim
  • Wilckensschule, Bergheim

There are two opportunities to enrol for holiday clubs:

1st Enrolment period March
Autumn, winter and carnival holidays 2016/17 Optionally also: Easter, Pentecost and summer holidays 2017

2nd Enrolment period December :
Easter, Pentecost and summer holidays 2017

Following the closure of the 1st enrolment period, the City of Heidelberg determines the number of groups available for each holiday week (a contingent of free places provided for the December enrolment period). Written confirmations of places, including location, will be sent out in June.

The remaining places are allocated in the 2nd enrolment period; written confirmations will be sent out in January.

Any remaining free places can be booked outside of the enrolment periods. In the event that all clubs are fully booked, your child’s name will be placed on a waiting list.