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All primary schools in Heidelberg offer lunch as part of the childcare programme. The main aim of this initiative is to provide children with regular, warm and healthy meals.

The lunch service has been available since the academic year 2000/01 and is supervised by the playworkers. The number of children in our programmes who enjoy mealtimes with päd-aktiv has grown consistently, and reached 60% of children in the academic year 2014/15. We work with a variety of caterers depending on each school’s requirements.

We believe that lunch is a great opportunity for the children to sit down together and enjoy their meals while developing their social skills. We also place considerable importance on food culture and table manners, as well as on fostering a sense of community.

Providing and teaching about a healthy diet (following the guidelines laid out by the German Nutrition Society) is a key part of our programme.

Food and mealtimes are planned with regard to the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society and implement the optimised mixed diet developed by the Research Institute for Child Nutrition (FKE).

However, lunch in the childcare programme constitutes just one of the child’s five recommended mealtimes. This is why we invite parents to take a look at our menus, if it is helpful for meeting their child's nutritional needs in other meals.

Our lunchtime partners

  • „kidsmeal” catering (regional)
  • Nibelungenland catering (regional)
  • SRH Dienstleistungen GmbH (regional)
  • apetito catering (nationwide)
  • Vit Catering( regional)
  • Mathilde-Vogt-Haus and Pflegeheim St. Hedwig (local)
  • Canteens (local): Student services (PH, Uniplatz), IGH school canteen
  • Kitchen staff: Association for Professional Integration and Qualification (VbI – Verein zur beruflichen Integration und Qualifizierung)