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As a youth welfare agency, päd-aktiv is involved in school social work. The first model project at a Heidelberg primary school started when school social work first introduced in 1997. The project was commissioned by the city of Heidelberg and was carried out at Emmertsgrund primary school. In 2008, päd-aktiv started a second project at the primary level at IGH.

Social work is an integral part of the daily life of a school. The aim is to effectively promote the integration of children in schools and communities, and to counteract any processes which lead to exclusion. The comprehensive, preventative approach takes all children in a school into consideration, working closely with staff, parents and local community institutions.

The key tasks of school social work are:

  • case work and counselling for individuals in need
  • socio-educational group work, projects and work with school classes
  • integration within the school
  • cooperation outside of school